This week Brad has a couple of bonus finds to share with you for his "The List"

Soldier Valley - True American Bourbon

Distilled by: Patriarch Distillers, America

Suggested Retail: $40

Alcohol By Volume: 45%

This is a small-batch bourbon that has a very nice Gold appearance. A sniff reveals hints of molasses, caramel and slight citrus. It is smooth and carries the same molasses, caramel and citrus through the flavor. The aftertaste will offer results of a smooth charred oak flavor.


Soldier Valley True American Bourbon is a handcrafted small-batch traditional bourbon. Our recipe consists of a wide variety of grains including a blend of rye, wheat, barley and corn. This bourbon is distilled slowly to reveal a high natural spirit as it comes off the still.

Our Soldier Valley True American Bourbon rests for a minimum of six years in new, custom white American oak barrels. The final result is an American bourbon with an exceptional medium-bodied blend of warm tones and unparalleled taste, color and finish. We recommend sipping this bourbon over ice or drinking it with a splash of water or ginger ale.


Blonde Topped Brownies

Man Seeks Adventure is also down with cooking even when it's not on the grill. When it is a decadent treat, then all the better. Below is one you can make in almost any kitchen.  It is said that "You Can Never Be Too Rich", we agree, but these blonde topped brownies nearly are too rich. They are thick, dense chocolate and topped with a cookie dough that makes them two treats in one. These are awesome for that morning coffee accompaniment.

First go buy a box of Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix, yep a boxed mix. The mix is so good you may never ask for anything else. Follow the instructions for mixing the brownie batter, bake and chill thoroughly.

Next mix up that Cookie Dough: Use a large bowl and mix together the ingredients below until blended. Then just spread on the brownies evenly and chill for at least an hour.

Cookie Dough Mix up:

3/4 cup melted butter

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup light brown sugar

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup small chocolate chips

Episode #21 (Air Date 09-08-16) To Live and Dine in L.A.

Brad and Dave were in the studio this week and even though they didn't have a guest on the line, they had a ton of stories to tell about their most recent adventures!

Brad started it all off with a recent article published by Men's Journal listing the Top 10 Cities to Live In for an Active Lifestyle. They were:

  1. Carlsbad, CA
  2. Ithaca, NY
  3. Bainbridge Island, WA
  4. Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Greenville, SC
  6. Ft. Collins, CO
  7. Boise, ID
  8. Pittsburgh, PA
  9. Minneapolis, MN
  10. Boulder, CO

Drink of the Day - Apple Pie flavored Midnight Moonshine

This weeks drink of the day is an easy one. Brad chose Junior Johnsons Apple Pie flavored Midnight Moonshine. It's a pretty safe bet you can find this one in your favorite liquor isle. It's tasty but it does pack a whallup! Listen to the show and hear the boys tell their stories about the time they have sampled the "Real Thang" when it comes to Moonshine!

Eat / Drink

This week the guys were in L.A. so here are a few the local places they grubbed:

Tom's Urban

Ford's Filling Station

Broken Spanish


This weeks stories involved some globe trotting but a couple of the places you must check out are:

The Long Beach Grand Prix

Tokyo Fish Market

Episode #10 (Air Date 03-02-16) Back Stage Pass with Rock-n-Roll Road Manager Scotty Ross

Brad and Dave were in the studio this week and their special guest was Scotty Ross. Scotty Ross is a rock n roll road manager who has toured with some of the world's largest music acts. He has earned the respect of famous rockers and kept the shows moving even under the most extreme circumstances. Scotty has toured with Van Halen, Poison, Hillary Duff, Dio, The Who, Jeff Beck and others. Now go back stage as Brad and Dave hear about what it's really like to be on tour!

Drink of the Day - Back Stage Pass... "Out!"

This weeks drink of the day is a sneaky one. It goes down reeeeaaaaalllyyy easy and if you don't watch out it will knock you out!


  1. Premium Tequila
  2. Pomegranate Liqueur
  3. Agave Nectar
  4. Fresh Lime Squeeze

How to Mix:

This one is pretty easy. Start with a nice rocks glass. Add your favorite premium Tequila. Add a splash of Pomegranate Liqueur, a splash of the Agave nectar and some ice. Finish with a fresh wedge of lime and its juice. That's it! Drink up and enjoy.

Daves "This or That - Top 5"

This week Dave played the "This or That - Top 5" with our guest Scotty Ross

1. Cooler venue? - The L.A. Forum or Montreal Forum- Winner: Montreal Forum

2. Peanut Butter or Vegemite - Winner: Peanut Butter

3. SF 49rs or Oakland Raiders- Winner: Oakland Raiders

4. Who is taller? Dio or Roger Daltry? - Winner: Roger Daltry

5. Who is a better Van Halen front man? Roth or Hagar? - Winner: Tie!

Episode #09 (Air Date 02-23-16) Ron Capps Funny Car Driver Joins Man Seeks Adventure

Brad and Dave were in the studio this week and their special guest was Ron Capps. Ron is a fun loving adventurer whose day job just happens to hurl him down a race track at over 300mph!

Drink of the Day - Oculto Beer

This weeks drink of the day was an easy choice. Our guest Ron Capps is a southern California boy and he loves his brews! So we tried this beer that is fused with tequila! It's actually pretty damn tasty. You can learn more about it at

Eat / Drink

Our picks on this weeks episode were provided by our guest. Ron lives down in the San Diego area of southern California. This area has seen an explosion in microbrews in recent years and Ron provided us with some of his favorites to visit.

Lost Abbey Brewery

Stone Brewing Co

Belching Beaver Brewery - Ron is particularly fond of their Peanut Butter Stout

Alesmith Brewing Co

Aztec Brewing Co

When he is on the road a couple of his favorite California grub houses were:

The Hitching Post - California BBQ

McLintocks Saloon and Dining House

Daves "This or That - Top 5"

This week Dave played the "This or That - Top 5" with our guest Ron Capps

1. Funny Car or Modified - Winner: Funny Car

2. Don the Snake Prudhomme or ACE - Winner: Tie

3. SF 49rs winning a Super Bowl every 10 years or SF 49rs winning the NFC Championship every year - Winner: NFC Champions every year

4. Nickelback or Pennywise - Winner: Pennywise

5. Whose crazier? His brother John or his father John Sr - Winner: Dad!

Episode #08 (Air Date 02-16-16) Bidder Bar - Brad and Dave Talk Recent Travels

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek are back on the road folks and in this episode they are discussing their recent adventures in Scottsdale AZ, Detroit MI and Tokyo Japan. Lots of good eats and good times to be had, so check out this list of recent places they visited!.

Drink of the Day - Bidder Sweet Lemonade!


  1. Spiced Simple Syrup (We made ours with a combination of Cloves, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Ginger, and Sugar )
  2. Fresh Squeezed Lemons
  3. Vodka
  4. Seltzer Water

Pre-mix your spiced simple syrup with one part of clove, cinnamon, star anise, ginger and sugar. In a glass use two parts seltzer water and add the juice of a fresh squeezed lemon. Next add a shot of vodka and finally stir in a dash of your spiced simple syrup mixture. Add ice and garnish with a lemon wedge! 

Eat / Drink

Daves Picks:

Dave's recent travels took him to Detroit MI, Scottsdale AZ and Tokyo Japan. 

When Dave was in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show he attended many parties. But at one of them he discovered a great new band that was performing. He recommends checking out: Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas

Once of Dave's favorite BBQ joints when he is in Detroit is: Slows Bar-B-Q

A great new brewery that Dave recommends in the area is: Kickstand Brewing Co

Once of Dave's favorite downtown watering holes is: Sweetwater Tavern

In Scottsdale AZ, Dave came across a crazy joint that you totally need to check out! He found a gourmet market and BBQ in a gas station and car wash. He said the food was amazing! Check them out: Toms Thumb Fresh Market

Back in Tokyo Dave hit a couple of his favorite haunts:

The Pink Cow - Tokyo

Bernd's German Pub - Tokyo

Brads Picks:

Brad did auction week in Scottsdale AZ and he recommends a few of his old favorites:

He love the Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains

The Tavern: This is a great restaurant and the chef is a personal friend with Brad's friends, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar!

Once of Brad's favorites in Scottsdale is an oldie but a goodie: Pinnacle Peak Patio - Steakhouse and Microbrewery


Here is a list of some of the big events the boys hit up on this episode:

North American International Auto Show

Grand National Roadster Show

Scottsdale AZ Auction Week featuring:

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

RM Auction

Russo & Steele Auction

Gooding & Co

Episode #07 (Air Date 01-16-16) Happy 2016 With Man Seeks Adventure

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek celebrate the first new episode of 2016. They tell all as they share how they brought in New Years Eve and New Years Day. They both provide new tips on places to visit and bring you "Drink of the Day"

Drink of the Day - Super Charged Cider!

4 parts Apple Cider (We brewed ours in a Keurig K-Cup)
1.5 Parts Apple Flavored Whiskey (We used Junior Johnson's Apple Pie MoonShine)
Cinnamon Sticks

Brew or heat your cider pour in a mug and add the whiskey, then stir with cinnamon sticks. Its also great cold on warmer days.

Eat / Drink

Brads Picks:

Over the holidays Brad got a "Man Crate" as a gift. You can learn more about those here!

On New Years Eve Brad and the gang got sidetracked and missed their planned festivities but they are definitely worth mentioning.

Javier's Cantina - Finest Foods of Mexico

The Cannery - Newport Beach

Daves Picks:

Over the holiday Dave got a gift that he loves! He recommends the Skydrop Sprinkler App. This amazing gizmo can help you keep up with your yard work even when you are half way around the world!

Dave had a full schedule for NYE and new years day! On NYE he did Hollywood. On New Years Day he did The Rose Parade and then followed that up with a trip to the Rose Bowl to watch the game. Some of the places he visited:

Birds Cafe / Bar - Hollywood

The Blind Donkey Whiskey Bar

Slater's 50/50 - Burgers by Design

Fred 62 - Eat Now Dine Later


January is always an adventure if you are a gear head like our hosts. The cold weather never puts a damper on the automotive activities during January. Some of the big events worth checking out are:

North American International Auto Show

Grand National Roadster Show

Scottsdale AZ Auction Week featuring:

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

RM Auction

Russo & Steele Auction

Gooding & Co

Episode #06 (Air Date 01-08-16) Man Seeks Adventure - Down the Rabbit Hole!

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek Take a look back on 2015's last travels of the year. The duo offer you some great adventures and recommendations from their holiday excursions.

This episode offers some excellent locations that include Omaha Nebraska, Los Angeles California, and Pasadena California.

Drink of the Day - Charlottini

1.5 part Chocolate Liqueur
1 part Premium Vodka
Chocolate Syrup

Mix the Vodka and Liqueur in a shaker with ice. Shake well. Coat the inside of the martini glass with a swirl of chocolate syrup. Strain the mixture in the shaker into the martini glass and serve. Add fresh chocolate shavings to the top as a garnish.

Eat / Drink

Brads Picks:

Brads holiday travel took him from California, through Vegas and then on to Omaha Nebraska.

Brads first hot tip is to make sure and visit the American Express Centurion Lounge at major airports across the country. He visited the lounge in Las Vegas and it is not to be missed!

If your travels find you in Omaha Nebraska then make sure to stop by Wilson & Washburn "A Serious Comfort Station". Its your Neighborhood Craft Beer and Scratch Kitchen Pub. This pub in downtown Omaha has an amazing history, great historic architecture and fantastic grub! Brad tried the "Dirty Wicked"drink with cold brew coffee, Bulleit Bourbon, simple syrup and bitters. Next drink was the "Queen of the Underworld" with Titos Vodka, canton, pomegranate, fresh lime juice and mint. For food he recommends a house specialty "The Beet Burger" and a side of "Beet Chips". Beet Burger: Unexpectedly tasty with rich flavors. Seasoned Beet Patty, House Smoked Peanut Butter, Pickled Jalapeno and a Vegan Bun. Beet Chips: Ideal snack with beer or a cocktail .
The beets are sliced and deep fried then sprinkled with flake salt and malt vinegar.

For late night adventures Brad also visited a secret speakeasy in Omaha. To get there you need to first visit "Looking Glass Cigar and Spirits". Once inside you need to know the password and the secret door (listen to the podcast for that)! Upon entering you will be in "The Wicked Rabbit" speakeasy.

Daves Picks:

Dave decided to stay close to home on his week off and visit some of his local haunts.

Golden Road Brewery

Frida - Mexican Cuisine

Bourbon Steak

Episode #05 (Air Date 01-01-16) Man Seeks Adventure - Jungles, Tigers, Leopards & Adventure Travel!

Adventure Traveler, animal expert Aaron Hill from Los Angeles tells Brad and Dave about his travels. the animals and the danger. Aaron also tells us about his animal care and training at his business Pets In The City.

Drink of the Day - Jaguar

1 part Vodka
3 parts Sprite
1 part Banana Syrup

Pour the Vodka and Sprite into a pitcher and the Banana Syrup into your mix. Add plenty of ice and let chill. Pour into a rocks glass with a few cubes of ice and enjoy!

Eat / Drink

Brad's Picks:

In honor of our guest this week Brad found a unique new brew you can feed to your dog! Check out Dawg Grog - Liquid Craft Brew Supplement for you Dog.

Brad also is a big fan of Camp Bow Wow in Las Vegas. It's an amazing Pet Hotel with lots of locations. Brads trustee sidekick "George" the Schnoodle is a fan too!


This weeks special guest was Animal Trainer, Traveler and Exotic Adventurer Aaron Hill. Aarons travels have literally taken him all over the world in search of exotic animals. You can learn more about his travels and life at:

Pets In The City

Daves "This or That - Top 5"

This week Dave played the "This or That - Top 5" with our guest Aaron Hill

1. Snow Leopard or Black Panther- Winner: Snow Leopard

2. Jurassic Park or The Lion King - Winner: Jurassic Park

3. Puma or Mountain Lion - Winner: Puma

4. Puma or Nike - Winner: Nike

5. Discovery Channel or Playboy Channel - Winner: Tie!

Episode #04 (Air Date 12-25-15) Living Legend Don "The Snake" Prudhomme - Danger in a Dragster

Drink of the Day - Smokey Burnout Martini

1 part Premium Scotch Whisky
1 part Prmium Vodka
1 Lemon Slice

Pour the Scotch and Vodka into a pitcher and squeeze the lemon into your mix. Add plenty of ice and let chill. Strain into the glasses and add lemon juice to taste.

Eat / Drink

Brad's Picks:

This weeks special guest was legendary Drag Racer Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. Don's race shop is located in Vista, California which happens to be smack dab in the middle of micro brew country! One of our favorites is Booze Brothers Brewing Co.

Also just down the road is another one of Brads favorite haunts: The Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar

We have dined in the bar at The Brigantine- Del Mar several times and the drinks and appetizers are excellent. We recommend the AHI POKE WONTON TACOS - Sushi grade tuna, tomatoes, onions, ginger-soy dressing, Asian slaw, wasabi cream in wonton crisps.


This weeks guest was hall of fame, legendary drag racer Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. His entire life was an adventure, so much so that they made a movie about him! To get a real sense of Dons adventures check out the movie: Snake & Mongoose

Daves "This or That - Top 5"

This week Dave played the "This or That - Top 5" with our guest Don Prudhomme

1. Funny Car or Top Fuel Dragster- Winner: Funny Car

2. Front Engine or Rear Engine - Winner: Front Engine

3. Cuda or Monza - Winner: Monza

4. Larry Dixon or Ron Capps- Winner: Ron Capps

5. Linda Vaughn or Raquel Welch - Winner: Linda Vaughn

Episode #03 (Air Date 12-18-15) Man Seeks Adventure - Everything Chicago and TV Personality / Model April Rose

Drink of the Day - Bull and Bear

1.5 oz Bourbon Whiskey
3/4 oz Orange Curacao Liqueur
3/4 oz Lime Juice
1 Tbsp. Grenadine Syrup

Fill a shaker with ice pour ingredients over the ice, Shake Well. strain into a #cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Eat / Drink

Dave's Picks:

Ditka's Steakhouse

El Hefe Super Macho Taqueria

Mother Hubbards Sports Pub

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge


April Rose's Picks:

La Scarola Italian Restaurant

Bob Chinns Crab House


This weeks guest April Rose is a Chicago girl and she has a hot tip for you! Instead of waiting in the long lines to go up to the observation deck at the Sears Tower, she recommends going over to the Hancock building instead and taking the elevator up to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. The view there is just as great and you can relax without the crowds and have a great drink!

Daves "This or That - Top 5"

This week Dave played the "This or That - Top 5" with our guest April Rose

1. Barrett-Jackson or Mecum - Winner: Barrett-Jackson

2. Captain America or Iron Man - Winner: Iron Man

3. Lingerie or Naked - Winner: Naked!

4. Maxim or Playboy- Winner: Playboy

5. Patrick Kane or Jay Cutler - Winner: Patrick Kane

Battle of the Streets.jpg

Episode #02 (Air Date 12-13-15) Man Seeks Adventure - Hollywood Stuntman Perry Barndt

Drink of the Day - 7 Flush Slush

1.5 oz. Seagram's® 7 Crown® Blended Whiskey and 3 oz. cola Add Seagram's Seven, cola and crushed ice to a highball glass and stir.

Eat / Drink

Brad's Pick:

Bar Tip in Tempe, Arizona Four Peaks Brewing Company. Met friends on a Friday night for beers and dinner. The brewed on site beer was top notch and with a great variety. Four Peaks has a menu with large selection and my server recommend the Chicken Enchiladas with rice, beans and two eggs over easy.

This was a great choice with beer and the favors of the enchiladas was excellent. Four Peaks has a staff who is helpful and nice, but be ready to wait as they get busy with the University around the corner. Also parking is a challenge.

Overall Four Peaks in Tempe, Arizona is worth a trip.

Dave's Pick:

Unless you get lucky like Dave and you get invited to dine with someone who already has reservations then we recommend making your reservation 3 months in advance! Dave says the food is worth the headache of getting into - Frenchie in Paris


This weeks special guest was the epitome of adventure! Perry Barndt is a Hollywood stuntman and TV Producer that has seen and done it all. You can find out more about Perry at;




Episode #01 "The List" (Air Date 12-02-15)

Drink of the Day - Apple Cider Margarita

6 ounces apple cider
4 ounces silver tequila
2 ounces triple sec
1 lime
Pinch of brown sugar
2 apple slices for garnish (optional).
Mix in a shaker and pour over ice

Eat / Drink

Man Seeks Adventure has the hot ticket for late night adventure on your next trip to Visit Las Vegas . Hidden on the top floor of the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas just off the escalator from the Chandelier Bar is Secret Pizza .

Open till 3a.m. this #HoleInTheWall (literally) is between Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Jaleo Las Vegas, two fine dining establishments. The Secret Pizza is a hall way lined by album covers and at the end is about 500' of counter, #pizza (Thin and Sicilian) , standing room only and cold beer.

Brads Pick for Vegas:

Best Dive Bar - The Double Down Saloon

The Peppermill

Dave's Picks for Hawaii:

Best Dive Bar - Chucks Cellar

Livestock Tavern

Lucky Belly


Murphy's Bar and Grill

Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel


We had a special call in guest! World famous musician Michael Anthony from bands Van Halen, Chickenfoot and the Circle called in. You get more info on all of Michael's adventures at: