Episode #40 (Air Date 2-24-17) Eating & Drinking at BacariGDL With Man Seeks Adventure

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2l8gSDk

On this episode of the Man Seeks Adventure podcast we take a trip to the Americana in Glendale, California where a new restaurant has opened. BacariGDL, owned by Robert Kronfli is a blend of comfortable setting, incredible tastes and wonderful drinks. Chef Lior Hillel prepared a large selection of tasting plates for Brad, Dave and Heather to sample and Mixologist David Williams created the tasty cocktails.

Visit the location with us and indulge as each of the dishes is described by the Chef and we hear tales of underground restaurants at USC and getting a start in the rough and tumble restaurant business.

Episode #39 (Air Date 2-20-17) MTV's "Stranded With A Million Dollars" TV Show Producer John Davis

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2l0PfNj

On episode 39 of Man Seeks Adventure Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm talk to John Davis the Executive In Charge of Production for the new MTV show, Stranded With A Million Dollars. The show debuts on February 21, 2017 at 10p.m. E/PT and is an exciting adventure in human nature. Man Seeks Adventure gets the behind the scenes tales about filming in Fiji, the way it works and what it took to pull it off. Join us for a new podcast and a new cocktail "Drink of the Day", the Fijian Sunrise mixed by our own Heather Storm.

Head on over to the list to see Heather mixing up our newest Drink of the Day - The Fijian Sunrise and to check out Daves "This or That". The List

Episode #38 (Air Date 2-10-17) Billy F. Gibbons the ZZ Top Frontman Talks Cars, Bars, Eats & Adventures

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2l1RkeF

On episode 38 of Man Seeks Adventure we are joined by rock n roll legend Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. This conversation with the rock and roller reveals his love of cars, design, food and adventures. We get Billy to open up for a frank conversation and our now famous Dave's Top 5 "This or That". Join Brad Fanshaw, Heather Storm and Dave Marek for this special podcast episode.

Our "Drink of the Day" this week is in honor of our special guest and its called the "Whisky Runner". Head on over to The List now and get the recipe as well as a special How To Video on the making of the drink featuring Billy F. Gibbons.

Episode #37 (Air Date 2-03-17) Comedy Central's Goddamn Band "ElEmEnOpy"

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2jHdofb

This week Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Strom invite Nick and Joel from the L.A. band ElEmEnOpy. This high energy duo, rock the local scene and the Comedy Central GodDamn Comedy Jam. Bringing famous comedians on stage is just part of the stage act. Sit back, laugh and enjoy a new take on music.

Our "Drink of the Day" this week is a new spin on the Sunday brunch classic - the Mimosa. Head on over to The List now and get the recipe as well as links to learn all about our guests this week and where to find them performing!

Episode #36 (Air Date 1-19-17) Music Executive for Rock Legends - Tucker Williamson

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2k9fnoo

On episode 36 of Man Seeks Adventure Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm welcome Tucker Williamson. Tucker was formerly the VP of Artist Relations and Development for Warner Bros. Music. With acts spanning decades and legends such as Van Halen, Neil Young, KD Lang, Goo Goo Dolls, Joan Jett, Paul Simon, Night Ranger, Damn Yankee's, Black Sabbath and Steppinwolf to name just a few. It's a career on stage and just behind the lights. Today, Tucker is the owner of Right Brain Entertainment and also VP of Music for Mammouth Vision.

Our "Drink of the Day" this week is a classic called the Rusty Nail. Head on over to The List now and get the recipe and see video of Heather mixing it up!

Episode #35 (Air Date 1-07-17) Driving the Range Rover SVR - Luke Soderling of Discovery's "The Wheel"

In episode 35 of the Man Seeks Adventure podcast Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm take an adventure into the deepest parts of South America. They do this through the stories of Luke Soderling a contestant on the TV show "The Wheel". The Wheel debuts on the Discovery Channel January 13th, 2017 and drops 6 individuals into 6 unforgiving locations of South America. From Rain Forests with hot humid climates to mountains that will freeze your butt off. They must live on their own, survive, catch and eat off the land. Hear what it's like and how he survived.

Then Man Seeks Adventure offers up a "Desired Drives" segment that features the supercharged Range Rover Sport SVR. Visit our photo gallery for all of the pics of this amazing ride!

Our "Drink of the Day" this week was in honor of our guest and it was called the Lone Survivor. Head on over to The List now and get the recipe and see video of Heather mixing it up!

Episode #34 (Air Date 12-30-16) 2016 Ends With A Cocktail & Stories of the New Year

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2hMVCkQ

Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm gather to reflect on 2016, the stories of New Year's Eve celebrations past and their recent holiday excursions. The trio provides some recommendations of places to go, eat and drink. Advice about New Year's expectations and ways not to be let down when the clock strikes midnight. Also, the incredible "Drink of the Day" an Ancho Old Fashioned.

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see our recipe for the Drink of the Day - "Ancho Old Fashioned" and for links to all of the places that Dave, Heather and Brad mentioned in this episode!

Episode #33 (Air Date 12-22-16) EP.33 Meet Heather Storm Our New Co-Host, Mixologist, Adventure Traveler & TV Host

Episode Link: http: http://bit.ly/2i2Gvbj

The Man Seeks Adventure podcast is now a trio as Brad and Dave welcome new co-host Heather Storm. Heather is a mixologist, TV Host and Adventure Traveler who brings a fantastic female dynamic to the show.

The show is mostly about Heather, but Dave tells about travels in London and Hawaii. Brad tells about the Man Seeks Adventure participation and appearance at a great party with Live music from Elvis Monroe in DTLA.

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see our recipe for the Drink of the Day - "Man Seeks Adventure" and for links to all of the places that Dave and Heather mentioned in this episode!

Episode #32 (Air Date 12-14-16) EP.32 Treasure Quest Adventurer, Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2gJtbIZ

On episode 32 of Man Seeks Adventure, Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek are excited to welcome Heather Storm as our newest co-host of the podcast. On the next episode we will dedicate an episode to introducing Heather.

We also have our guest, Mehgan-Heaney-Grier and Ocean Adventurer from the Discovery Channel's Tresaure Quest - Snake Island TV Series. Mehgan gives an exciting look into her experiences that range from record setting free dives, to stunt work in films and of course the action leading to the season finale of Treasure Quest.

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see our recipe for Heather Drink of the Day - The Shipwreck and for Dave's "This or That" with our guest Mehgan Heaney-Grier!

Episode #31 (Air Date 12-9-16) EP.31 BONUS ReMastered Music of Elvis Monroe LIVE on MSA

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2hcp3Od

This week we have a BONUS for you with some excerpts from EP.29 live from Vegas with Heather Storm. Our board operator, Charles has also remastered the music of Elvis Monroe who played live on our stage. The sound is so much better than the show, except you can hear Brad, Dave and Heather sing along.

Episode #30 (Air Date 11-30-16) EP. 30 No Guests Just Hanging Out In Vegas & Beer

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2gWCMfe

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek went to the world's largest trade event, the SEMA Show to do live podcasts. During set-up the sponsoring host brought out a private batch of the Derale IPA and they did a show on the spot during set up. No guests, no agenda just two Men in Vegas drinking beer and talking about the coming week.

Episode #29 (Air Date 11-18-16) EP.29 SEMA SPECIAL Live From Vegas Heather Storm, Steve Darnell & Music of Elvis Monroe

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2foL5M9

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek are live on stage in Las Vegas at the world's largest trade show, SEMA. They get ready to shake things up with the beautiful Heather Storm of Velocity Channel's Garage Squad. Heather also talks about her alter-ego as a mixologist. Then Steve Darnell of Discovery Network's Vegas Rat Rods joins the discussion along with Ben Carey and Bryan Hopkins from the band Elvis Monroe. The guys from the band wrap the show with two amazing songs live from the Man Seeks Adventure Stage.

Episode #28 (Air Date 11-11-16) EP.28 SEMA SPECIAL featuring Michael Anthony & Jason Bonham!

Episode Link:  http://bit.ly/2eTwQy4

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek traveled to Las Vegas where they performed live from the world's largest tradeshow, SEMA. The podcast stage was presented by Derale Performance and was on the main show floor. While in Vegas the duo invited some of their friends to join them. In this episode, Michael Anthony a founding member of Van Halen and now in both Chickenfoot and The Circle with Sammy Hagar joins the discussion. Also on stage, is Jason Bonham the bandmate/drummer of Michael and Sammy who also performs a tribute shows on tour to his father and band Led Zepplin. This show will rock you hard.

Episode #27 (Air Date 10-28-16) EP.27 Swiss Watches and Timepiece Collecting

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2dRafq7

In this episode of Man Seeks Adventure Brad Fanshaw talks about Swiss Watches, Fine Timepieces, American Watches and his background owning a true Swiss Mechanical Watch Manufacturing company. In this Quick Cast he skims over the basics and provides his unique insight.

Episode #26 (Air Date 10-21-16) EP.26 Actor - Tyson Sullivan

Episode Link: http://bit.ly/2e8ttp6

This week Brad and Dave are in the studio together again. Dave literally drove down to the studio straight from the airport on his return from his weekly trip to Japan. The boys spend the episode talking with actor Tyson Sullivan about getting started in the industry, his many roles in hits like Banshee, Justified, and his newest show Quarry. Then he tells the guys about the time he was summoned to dinner with the legend Robert De Niro when he was working on the film "Heist". Finally Dave wraps up the interview with a round of "This or That" and don't forget we had a new Drink of the Day!

Make sure to keep up with our companion blog post "The List". The List gives you direct links and recipes for everything we discuss in each episode.

Episode #25 (Air Date 10-14-16) EP.25 "But Wait There's More!"

Episode Link:http://bit.ly/2euZx5V

This episode of the Man Seeks Adventure podcast is jam packed full of fun. Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek give you a wide variety of things to consider. They tell you of the upcoming appearance at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas on Nov. 1-4th, great products and adventure to be found on our instagram page and Drink of the Day and a great recipe.

Make sure to keep up with our companion blog post "The List". The List gives you direct links and recipes for everything we discuss in each episode.

Episode #24 (Air Date 09-29-16) EP.24 Day Trippin' Palm Springs & Salton Sea

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/manseeksadventure/EP.24_Day_Trippin_Palm_Springs__Salton_Sea.m4a

This week Brad Fanshaw is alone and Dave Marek is off to Japan. Brad decides to take his own day trip to the desert. Go with Brad as he escapes to the Hollywood Hideaway, Palm Springs. Get the history, the must see locations, his top three places to stay and where to grab a tasty breakfast.

Next he travels 30 miles south of the glitz, glamour and resorts of Palm Springs to a once glorious seaside area known as the Salton Sea. Now mostly ghost towns, it is an interesting tale of boom, bust, and failure.

Episode #23 (Air Date 09-22-16) EP.23 Monterey, CA The Cars, Bars, Parties & $4.8 million purchase!

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/manseeksadventure/EP.23_MSA_Monterey_Cars_Bars_Parties__5_million_Spent.m4a

Its adventure time! This show is so packed full of stories we should of spit it into 2 episodes. Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek take you on a star studded trip through the fabulous millionaires playground that is Monterey Car Week.

This annual event is a "car guys" nirvana that features historic race events, multi-million dollar luxury auto auctions, star studded cocktail parties, fabulous food and amazing nightlife. It's a once in a lifetime, bucket list trip that every guy should experience and our hosts have all of the hottest tips for you on where to be and how to act (like a man)!

Make sure to keep up with our companion blog post "The List". The List gives you direct links and recipes for everything we discuss in each episode.

Episode #22 (Air Date 09-15-16) Brad & Dave - The Burrito Brothers!

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/manseeksadventure/EP.22_Best_Breakfast_Burrito_in_the_OC.m4a

This week the boys hit the road in search of the Best Breakfast Burrito in the O.C. Their travels take them to the notorious "PePe's"  Mexican Food in Fullerton CA. Located just a block away from the campus of Cal State Fullerton, this place is an institution known by the locals for the most insane, clown sized burrito's . Brad and Dave take the challenge and each get their own GINORMOUS breakfast burrito's.

Next it's off in search of some afternoon libations. Dave uses his "6th Sense" for sniffing out the best local dive bars to find a hidden gem in Fullerton called the "Swig Bar". They meet new friend "Katrina" (Like the hurricane - as she put it) and they proceed to work off those burrito's by pounding beers for the rest of the afternoon. Good Times!

Episode #21 (Air Date 09-08-16) To Live and Dine in L.A.

Direct Episode Link:http://traffic.libsyn.com/manseeksadventure/EP.21_Live_and_Dine_in_LA.m4a

The boys are back with a vengeance this week with a ton of new dives, drinks, eats and travels to recommend! This weeks adventures take us from Los Angeles to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

First we start off with an article published by Men's Journal touting the top 10 best cities to live in for people with active lifestyles. Next the guys tell us about their recent trip to the wilds of downtown L.A. to visit eccentric Porsche collector Magnus Walkers hidden warehouse. Then its off to some local Los Angeles favorites for a bite to eat and some suds! There's also a quick side trip to one of Los Angeles biggest annual parties: The Long Beach Grand Prix! Dave then regales us with some stories about his most recent trip to the Tokyo fish market and we wrap everything up with our Drink of The Day - Moonshine!

Make sure to keep up with our companion blog post "The List". The List gives you direct links and recipes for everything we discuss in each episode. Check out "The List" for Episode 21 here!