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Episode #81 (Air Date 9/30/19) We Host the Destination Car Show #2CarGirlsCruiseCali

Episode Link:

Brad and Dave host the destination car show for the Shell Gasoline #2CarGirlsCruiseCali drive. Heather Storm and Erica Schrull took a trip down the California coast in Heather's 1965 Mustang.

We have a live show at the Balboa Car Show in Newport Beach with Michael Anthony from Van Halen and The Circle. 

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Episode #80 (Air Date 8/29/19) Gourmet Chili Dogs, Austin & McLaren 720s

Episode Link:

Brad and Heather are recording live from TOAST a great eatery in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, CA on a sunny summer Sunday. Between bites of the Elvis Short Stack, drinks and Avocado Toast the two tell about Hollywood, Supercars and Austin, Texas.

Heather provides a view into her trip to Austin with recommended eating and drinking establishments, then Brad tells about his hours behind the wheel of a $400,000+ McLaren 720S supercar. Finally, both give us the low down about APL in Hollywood where chili dogs are on the menu and they are created an prepared by a french trained chef. If you are up for more, go with us to the Frolic Room for cocktails.

To see all of the amazing photos of Brad’s time behind the wheel of the McLaren 720S, CLICK HERE

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Episode #79 (Air Date 8/06/19) Mexico Travel, Drive Jaguar iPace, Racing Legends

Episode Link:

On episode 79 Brad, Heather and Dave are live at the Lions Drag Racing Museum with guests Don Prudhomme, Roland Leong and the owner of the museum.

Heather tells of travels to Mexico, Brad drove the all electric Jaguar iPace and Dave gives you eating and beer suggestions for San Diego.

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Episode #78 (Air Date 7/19/19) We visit “7 Grand” in DTLA for a Whiskey Tasting

Episode Link:

In this episode we go to DTLA with Brad and Heather for a Whiskey tasting hosted by Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. They interview the authors of the book "Barley to Blarney" and get great stories. Also in this show are Heather’s travels to Costa Rica and Brad’s desert road trip in the new Honda Accord 2.0 Touring.

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Episode #77 (Air Date 4-30-19) Part 2 of Episode 76

Episode Link:

This is the second half of our big return and on this episode Dave and Brad will provide some Spring destination ideas. Also, Brad recently drove the Cadillac XT5 Platinum AWD SUV. Get his impressions and see the gallery HERE

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Episode #76 (Air Date 4-18-19) Heather was Abducted, Ego APP & Peanut Butter Whisky

Episode Link:

It is episode 76 and we come back strong with two giant episodes. The first we talk about Heather Storm's abduction in Cost Rica, or so Brad thought. An APP to rate your looks and our Drink of the Day made from Peanut Butter Infused Whiskey.

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Episode #75 (Air Date 2-15-19) 2018 Is In the Books! Part 2 … New Years Traditions

Episode Link:

This is a short 20 minute resolution to our two part podcast that ends 2018. Posted late, because we thought it had been lost to a bad recording card. Now that it has been found we must live up to the resolutions.

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Episode #75 (Air Date 2-8-19) 2018 Is In the Books! Part 1 … The Holiday’s Live Again

Episode Link:

This is our BIG 75th episode, the show we thought had been lost due to a glitch. After some effort we have been able to get it back from the electronic never land. Now we can wrap up 2018 and the holidays live on. Enjoy our stories and our drink of the day. This is part 1 of 2.

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Episode #74 (Air Date 12-28-18) LIVE from Hollywood's HaHa Comedy Club

Episode Link:

Brad, Heather and Dave are at the HaHa Comedy Club in NOHO (North Hollywood) to see our friend and previous guest, Stevie D return to the comedy stage. Live from the legendary clubs green room, Man Seeks Adventure interviews Tom Dreesen, Dwayne Perkins, Mike Marino and Stevie DuPin.

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Episode #73 (Air Date 11-27-18) Adventure To Vegas on Halloween Night - Part 2

Episode Link:

Join the Man seeks Adventure show for a trip to Vegas that is a little off of the usual tourist path! This is part 2 of the Halloween night adventures and Brad, Heather and Dave take you to a haunted escape room at Bally’s called Zoe. Next stop is a fantastic dive bar named the Double Down Saloon. After that the crew travels across town and explores The Velveteen Rabbit and they finally wrap up the evening at the infamous Peppermill!

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Episode #72 (Air Date 11-20-18) Halloween in Vegas with Man Seeks Adventure - Part 1

Episode Link:

Episode 72 is the first of two podcast shows from the Man Seeks Adventure, Adventure to Vegas. It was Halloween and we wanted to discover what happens well past the witching hour in the Vegas.

Follow as we take you to a Haunted Escape Room, a Dive Bar with Punk Rock Karaoke, cocktails in crystal skulls and dinner at 3am at the infamous Pepper Mill.

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Episode #71 (Air Date 10-18-18) BROO for You & Death Valley Travel, Plus Hudson Baby Bourbon

Episode Link:

Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek welcome Brad Pearsall from BROO (Pronounced Brew). A lively discussion about keeping it clean, looking good and all with true craft beer. Then we discuss our drink of the day the Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey. Finally, some suggested travel and food ideas.

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Episode #70 (Air Date 9-26-18) The McLaren Documentary and a Trip Down the Sunset Strip!

Episode Link:

Episode 70 of Man Seeks Adventure is taking you down the famed Sunset Strip. Brad and Dave begin at the Rainbow and then it’s off to a local favorite, State Social House. Next they make their way to SoHo House, a private club high up on the Sunset Strip. At SoHo House they see the new McLaren documentary. Join them as they tell of the night on the strip, where to drink and where to eat.

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Episode #69 (Air Date 9-10-18) Be Cool When It's 100+, Monterey Car Week & Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

Episode Link:

This is a fully packed episode with Brad and Dave. Typhoons and earthquakes have ravaged Japan and Dave has been present. He tells us about that and the robot bar. Dave also reviews the 777 first class accommodations. 

Brad took a trip to Arizona to find the coolest things to do when it's over 100 degrees. He brings us a selection of nuggets that you can find on your own. He made his trip in the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid and he provides a complete review.

Dave also gives a complete rundown of his trip to Monterey Car Week. Don't forget that we also have a new Drink of the Day and Brad mixes us the Ancho Cold Brew, a coffee cocktail.

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Episode #68 (Air Date 8-10-18) Tequila Tuesday with Billy F Gibbons & OC's Best Burgers

Episode Link:

Episode 68 of Man Seeks Adventure and is packed with food, fun, lists, tequila, Billy F Gibbons/ZZTop and the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid Plug-In.

Brad and Dave talk about the list they found of the TOP 10 airlines, they tell of travel experiences and what they think of each company. Brad tells all about his week with the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid, a luxury car that easily drives past the pump and impresses our friend Billy F. Gibbons. The two also go on the never ending search for the best burgers in Orange County, California. Pie Dog in Fullerton is where they end up and the burgers are outrageously good and they have craft beers too. After a lively discussion about film locations and the movies that were made where, Dave recommends a band to check out.

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see images and reviews of all the Bars, Eats, Products and Adventures that we recommend on this episode.

MSA Gallery Preview Cadillac CT6.jpg

See our PHOTO GALLERY of the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid that Brad reviewed on this episode. CLICK HERE.

MSA Pie Dog Video link.jpg

Check out the VIDEO of Brad and Dave's visit to PIE DOG now in our VIDEO Library. CLICK HERE

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Episode #67 (Air Date 6-25-18) Chateau Marmont Anthony Bourdain's Favorite and Hollywood's Infamous

Episode Link:

Bradley arrives in the McLaren 570s, Dave is early and Heather gets honked at in valet. Man Seeks Adventure is taking you to the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in memory of Anthony Bourdain, who called the hotel one of his favorite places. We tell you of the storied history of Hollywood's infamous past, some facts you never knew and about the McLaren 570s that Bradley is driving.

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Episode #66 (Air Date 6-04-18) Lebowski Fest L.A. Drinking White Russian Cocktails DUDE!

Episode Link:

In episode 66 Brad, Dave and Heather join the celebration of the film, The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges. One of the funniest movies of all time, where the cocktail of choice is a White Russian. The Man Seeks Adventure hosts are joined by Barry Asher who was in the film and served as the the Technical Director (Stunt Bowler).

Join the fun, the dudes and the F*@k word so many times, but not as many as the film. A ton of factoids about the movie too!

Don't forget to head over to the Gallery and check out all of the fun pics from Lebowski Fest!

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Episode #65 (Air Date 5-23-18) Beer & Volleyball We Attend the Huntington Beach AVP with Kona Beer

Episode Link:

EPISODE 65 of Man Seeks Adventure with Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek. This week the guys attend the first stop on the AVP pro volleyball tour in Huntington Beach, California. Our friends at Kona Brewing are the official sponsor and beer of the tour. MSA asks Widaliz Quinones to join us again on the mics so we can get all of the details of Kona's involvement.

We also discuss traveling the small dot cities on the map and finding great joints off the beaten path. We also go off track and tell you who we think each of us would have been on Gilligan's Island.

Click Here now to see all of our photos from the event in our GALLERY section.

Make sure to visit The List for Episode 65 to get all of the info on everything we talked about.

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Episode #64 (Air Date 5-18-18) Pancakes & Booze Art Show, LA Restaurants, Jaguar 400 Sport

Episode Link:

On this episode Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek discover the Pancakes & Booze Art Show. This nationwide event series allows local artists to show work along side music, drinks and pancakes. An eclectic group of attendees and artists made this a great event. Also, the two take you to one of LA's oldest Mexican food establishments and a local bar.

Brad will also tell you all about his week driving the new Jaguar 400 Sport F-Type. This 400 horsepower sports car is a well endowed English gentleman.

REMINDER: Man Seeks Adventure talks about nightlife, cocktails, eating and automobiles, but we don't ever mix drinking and driving. Don't be a dick..DON'T DRINK & DRIVE!

Make sure to head over to the Gallery to see photos from the Pancakes & Booze event and images of the Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport.


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Episode #62 (Air Date 4-26-18) The Long Beach Grand Prix with Brad & Dave

Episode Link:

With Heather away for this episode, the boys set out on a little adventure! Brad Fanshaw, and Dave Marek took a trip to the worlds loudest beach party, The Long Beach Grand Prix. This annual race that features Indy Cars, Drifters, Vintage and everything in between takes place on the downtown streets of Long Beach, CA. It's always a party and the unofficial kick off for the summer! Listen as Brad and Dave give you a peek at all the fun in the sun!

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see images and reviews of all the Bars, Eats, Products and Adventures that we recommend on this episode.

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Episode #61 (Air Date 4-18-18) Kona Brewing Celebration at L.A. Stub Hub Center

Episode Link:

Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm welcome Widaliz Quinones from Kona Brewing Co. as we record live at the Stub Hub Center in Los Angeles, California. Man Seeks Adventure was invited to celebrate the grand opening of the Kona Brewing Lanai Bar at the Sub Hub Center, home of the L.A. Galaxy.

To see all of the pics from our field trip to the Stubhub Center head on over to the "GALLERY"

Make sure to head over to "The List" to see images and reviews of all the Bars, Eats, Products and Adventures that we recommend on this episode.